Is everything too easy for you at school, and you don't like it that much? Maybe you need more of a challenge! Bright kids is fun, will challenge you and will bring out the genius in you. We see and give attention to your talents, but also to things you find difficult. Do you dream of who you will become in the future? Bright kids can help you make your dreams come true.

You are helped in a fun way to learn how to deal with being smart. I also learned how to control my anger if things didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. I then talked and painted, with the result being a beautiful painting.

Bryan, 11 years old


On your way to the first year of secondary school

For pupils in group 8 of their primary school and pupils in the first year of secondary school until the (autumn/fall) break

The transition to the first year of secondary school is the next step in your school career. You will have different subjects, a lot more teachers, homework and new learning material.

In 3 lessons of 1 hour:

  • Which agenda should you use?
  • Looking at the types of homework and how you can best tackle large chunks at a time
  • Focus reading, so you better remember what you read
  • Distinguishing between main and minor points in a text
  • The first steps of mindmapping

Fast learning = Fun learning

For secondary school pupils

Is dat wel zo, wat nou als je veel tijd kwijt bent met woordjes leren, teksten lezen opdrachten maken. En niet te vergeten… je planning bijhouden.

Is that really the case? What if you spend a lot of time learning words, reading texts and making assignments? And not to forget... keeping track of your planning. If you want to have more time for things that really interest you, join the course

In 6 lessons of 1 hour:

  • Speed reading; 2 to 4 times faster than before
  • Organising your learning/working space
  • Conscious learning: what you do well/could do better
  • Preparation: grammar and recognizing the structure of texts; mind maps
  • Working from Memory: short and long term memory; memory techniques
  • Motivation, interests
  • Planning homework and final exams
  • Learning to learn, how to combine all skills in the smartest way

Learn Active learning

For upper secondary pupils and students

During the course “Active learning” you will learn to work and learn from your own qualities and skills. This will give you more energy and you need this to be able to learn actively and successfully.

6 lessons of 1 hour:

  • Learning attitude & learning behavior
  • Mindset versus motivation
  • Reflecting & setting goals
  • Learning from mistakes & successes
  • Your personal learning plan
  • Summarizing and rehearsing
  • Preparing and evaluating tests