Getting a gifted child to shine as a genius does not happen by itself, there is work to be done. How to do that for the teachers can be learned, developed and expanded.

Bright kids helps schools!

Bright Kids helps schools, teams and individual teachers with the guidance of gifted pupils and students. This can be questions about team training on giftedness, about setting up enrichment classes, about enrichment with materials and the acceleration of gifted students. 

Writing policy documents and protocols about giftedness in cooperation with the school is an inspiring and challenging activity..

Team schools

How do you recognise Bright Kids in your class?

The education of gifted students is and remains in development. There is a focus on signaling, thinking about appropriate guidance, which materials and adaptations can be used. Gifted pupils do not need to cause extra problems at home or at school, as long as their development level is addressed and communicated with them.

It is important that the teacher is educated in the area of giftedness, so that appropriate education can be applied to the pupil.

Bright Kids provides (further) training trajectories for schools in primary and secondary education. A course can consist of several themes and is filled out in consultation with the school.

Enrichment class

How to set up an enrichment class?

Setting up an enrichment can contribute greatly to the development of gifted students at your school. A plan with a clear vision, good structures, clear agreements and clear decisions, has the optimal chance of succeeding and is almost always successful.

The greatest needs of gifted pupils are: challenge, personal guidance, communication, regular interaction with developmental peers. It may be that your pupil does not get what he or she wants in regular education. Not getting the (cognitive) challenge that is needed. Is not seen. Experiences problems with contact with other peers. Participating in an enrichment class or plus class can provide an appropriate education.

Bright Kids helps the school with the following questions:

  • How do I set up an enrichment class?
  • What are the objectives?
  • Who can participate?
  • Which materials/projects?
  • How do I ensure that the students in the enrichment class are also comfortable in the group?


Dealing with giftedness can be learned as a teacher.

Coaching of teachers

Coaching of teachers focuses on questions that help with regards to individual pupils or groups.

Each coaching project is preceded by an intake interview. In this conversation the questions for help will be formulated, after which a tailor-made programme can be designed.
Components that may come up for discussion are:

  • Formulating and analyzing the request for help and bottlenecks
  • Providing insight into behavior or thinking patterns
  • Coming up with solutions: practicing new strategies or ways of thinking
  • Putting solutions into practice
  • Looking to the past and towards the future

Individual pupils
Appropriate education meets the learning needs of the gifted pupil. Every child, but especially with a gifted child, should be happy at school, at home and with his friends. In consultation with the parents and the school, the wishes and possibilities are harmonized. Here, you can think of:

  • One-to-one guidance at school
  • Research into didactic-pedagogical educational needs
  • Mindset training 
  • Fear of failure training
  • Observation with reporting

Counseling for enrichment teachers

In the enrichment class, the teacher's role is essential. The teacher senses, observes and looks at what is needed and anticipates this. The teacher has a guiding and coaching role, not a directing role.

Counseling supports the teacher in working with groups. This may include observations with a group, lesson examples or.....

The plus class/enrichment class is a place of learning.
Crucial points can be:

  • Mindset
  • Learning to learn
  • Making projects via TACC model of Belle Wallace
  • Playing strategy games
  • Joint projects, learning to work together
  • ...


Our training courses gives an outlook with insights.

Training Expert Smart Toddlers and Preschoolers

Pedagogic employees and teachers are closely involved in the development of the children in their group. That is why it is important that they know how to connect to the needs of the toddler or preschooler with a developmental lead. The training to become an expert in smart toddlers and preschoolers with a developmental lead is specifically aimed at guiding these children and their parents better.

Every child develops differently and at a different pace. There are children who develop faster than average. We would expect a 3-year-old to enjoy making a wooden jigsaw puzzle more than a 50-piece puzzle. A toddler with a developmental head start therefore does not fit in with the usual expectations. A toddler must and can be himself and that is no different for a toddler with a developmental head start. Good supervision of these toddlers must fit in with the personality and development line of the child.

Objective of the training

The expert makes sure that preschoolers with a developmental head start are seen and that these preschoolers and their parents receive the right guidance. The expert emphasizes the importance of the right guidance of these children, gives employees information and/or training and coaches them in working with these children.

For more information send an email to

The training is written by:

Willeke Rol and Marijne Sammels, they both have many years of experience in guiding bright preschoolers and training professionals who work with these children.


Playful learning the Talentenlijn for toddlers and groups 1 to 4.

Talentenlijn is an enrichment package for children with a developmental lead. The package consists of boxes with materials. With Talent Line the nursery schools, day-care centers and schools have a varied supply of enrichment materials. Each box contains: a guidance folder, various games, workbooks and reading books (Talent Line Toddlers does not have reading books).

Appropriate education with Talentenlijn
The starting point for appropriate education is that all children go to school. The legislation offers room for customisation, so that schools and collaborative organizations, in consultation with the parents, can organize a suitable programme for all pupils. Education that challenges pupils, that is based on their qualities and their possibilities.

Use of the Talentenlijn in the enrichment group
Education in the enrichment group is often subject-transcending. The broadening and deepening work is done with children who function at the same level of development. In this group, the specific educational needs of the gifted and talented children are taken into account: providing space for depth and creativity.
There are 5 boxes: Toddlers, Talentenlijn 1, Talentenlijn 2, Talentenlijn 3 and Talentenlijn 4.